Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TeamEarners.com is Finally Here!

I woke up yesterday morning to the pleasant surprise of finding out that TeamEarners.com has finally launched. Let's see, I've been waiting anxiously for 10 full months, and it's finally here! All I can say is that the wait was well worth it. If you are looking to get rich online, there is no point in buying an expensive e-book for $50-$100. A TeamEarners membership is only $13.00 per 6 months. The information provided to members is constantly updated on a daily basis. You can ask experts questions, and really learn how the internet millionaires got where they are today directly from the mouths of the internet millionaires themselves.

Ok now to the best part. The affiliate program. Since these memberships only cost $13.00, it is relatively easy to convince friends, family members, and associates to join. For each sale you make you earn $2.00. Thats not the best part though. The affiliate commissions go 5 levels deep. This means that if you sell a membership to your friend John, who sells one to his sister Susan, or sells one to her classmate Tom, who sells one to his best buddy Jason, you will get $2.00 for each of those signups. Then lets say Tom sells 100 memberships to members of his church congregation. You would earn $200 just from that!

The affiliate program has to be one of the most lucrative on the net, NO JOKE!

If you would like to signup, visit http://sigs.teamearners.com

Monday, July 30, 2007

Received details about Team Earners

Today I received an inside look at the TeamEarners.com project. Brad, the owner of TeamEarners gave me access into the private discussion forum (located at Talkgold.com) that will be accessible only to members who purchase a private membership for $13.00. Since Team Earners doesn't plan to launch for another 2-3 weeks or so, I wasn't able to get access to all the information that will be provided to members. I can tell you this: The information provided in the private forum will rival the information provided by theRichJerk e-book. However since it is provided in discussion forum format, it makes learning twice as easy. If you have questions about the techniques that are taught, you simply post your question, and an expert in the field will answer you. The other plus about the information provided is that it will continuously be updated. Unlike where you may have paid $59.00 for a copy of the Rich Jerk e-book, you only pay $13.00 for a 6 month membership to TeamEarners and you get new information and resources daily.

In addition to this information, Brad claims to have purchased resell rights to many unique and useful scripts that can be used for creating websites, businesses etc. These scripts were not ready for download yet as the programming for TeamEarners has yet to be completed.

The affiliate program is where I believe the magic will occur. If you have access to downlines, you should be able to make a hefty sum of money off selling memberships through your affiliate link. Each membership will cost a new member $13.00. With this $13.00 retail sale, the buyer gains access to the private forum, scripts, expert advice, and more. It's valued at a whole lot more then $13.00 in my opinion. Of this $13.00, $10.00 gets distributed to the upline (5 levels deep), meaning $2.00 will be distributed to 5 different people. Those 5 people are: (1) the individual (Person A) that made the direct sale to the new member, (2) the individual (Person B) who originally made the sale to "Person A", (3) the individual (Person C) who originally made the sale to "Person B", (4) the individual (Person D) who originally made the sale to "Person C", and (5) the individual (Person E) who originally made the sale to "Person D". This accounts for the $10.00 ($2 each goes to Person A, Person B, Person C, Person D, and Person E).

The Remaining $3.00 goes directly to TeamEarners.com, who will use the funds for various means such as advertising, paying experts, purchases of resell rights to scripts, databases, and other useful information along with other things that will be discussed at a later date.

So as you can see the earnings potential is unlimited. I believe there will be people who will be making incomes in the 6-7 digits. Remember this income is residual since the $13.00 membership must be renewed every 6 months if you wish to continue your membership. This mean that Person A, Person B, Person C, Person D, and Person E will each get $2.00 every 6 months if the member who bought the membership decides to renew.

I will go into more details of what I learned about TeamEarners in my next posting, including how all members will earn money simply by doing nothing except being a member.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Just found out about TeamEarners.com

Today I was browsing around the internet in my spare time at work, and came across a website called TeamEarners. I'm been trying to earn money on the internet for over 4 years now and really haven't been able to do much so far. So I've heard speculation about TeamEarner.com which says that they will be a "Revolutionary idea". I figured, that I've tried so many other ways to earn make money, why not go all out on this one?

So I am creating a blog to track my progress and problems that I experience along the way. Right now not too many people know about this program, but they plan to launch in 4 weeks or so. The most any member will every pay is $13.00 (every 6 months if you wish to continue your membership), and they offer a 100% money back guarantee. There is more information on the details of this program at Talkgold.com's forum located at: http://talkgold.com/forum/r175472-.html

The owner of the site isn't giving too much information away but I hear that if you contact him directly you can get more information. So I plan to write up an email, send it to him and see what happens.